I am professor of statistics and computer sciences ("Betriebliche Informationssysteme und Wirtschaftsstatistik") at Nordhausen University of Applied Sciences.


Basic information may be found on my professional page on www.hs-nordhausen.de. However, I use this website to give further information on my work.


Since I am committed to a fact-based worldview, I love the Sciences and their implications at large. Consistently, I would like to recommend the following websites, in particular to German-speaking readers:


www.sciencedaily.com (the latest news)


https://www.thefp.com/ (Bari Weiss: The Free Press)


www.quillette.com ("a platform for free thought")


www.geneticliteracyproject.org (Jon Entine's enlightening project)


www.humanprogress.org (yes, there has been real progress)


www.thoughtscapism.com (Iida Ruishalme's thoughtprovoking contributions)


www.gapminder.org (Hanns Rosling's page: facts in abundance)






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If you are looking for the my wife's list of frequent mistakes, this list may be found on her pages. However, here's a link I would like to recommend: http://www.mikeseymour.com/deutsch/tips.asp. Before you despair, just remember Mark Twain's famous quote (slightly permuted): "A gifted person ought to learn French in thirty hours, German in thirty days, and English in thirty years." To be honest, thirty years is an optimistic guess.

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