Statistik im Forschungsprozess (2011)

Statistics in the process of research (Physica Verlag)

This is a book about statistics and why this field is important to the philosophy of science.

Bayesian Statistics and Decisions
Dennis Lindley's response and a pointer to the literature
PDF-Dokument [35.1 KB]
Definition of Universal Probability
Correction note
PDF-Dokument [24.3 KB]
Kolmogorov Complexity
P. Vitányi's response and pointers to the literature
PDF-Dokument [38.5 KB]
Philosophy of Science
Some personal comments on contemporary philosophy of science
PDF-Dokument [146.8 KB]
What is a good theory?
Old and New Criteria
Good Theories.pdf
PDF-Dokument [92.1 KB]
On methods:
Why I side with the "quantitative way".
Quantitativ vs. qualitative methods.pdf
PDF-Dokument [106.9 KB]


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