Consciousness / Freedom of will

Essentially, this train of thought started when I was a student of psychology. My 2001 book "Das Gehirn und sein Ich" was the first attempt to write down the main idea. Later, I wrote the following articles:

1) "Ein Argument, dass der Wille des Menschen frei ist" was published in Philosophia naturalis in 2007 and gives a new argument (proof) in favour of free will. Here is an English translation:

An argument that the will of man is free
PDF-Dokument [180.3 KB]

2) In the next paper (2009), I connected the philosophical conundrom of realism and my scientific definition of consciousness:

Realism and Consciousness
PDF-Dokument [161.1 KB]

3) I think it pays to consider several perspectives. Thus I considered robots and hierarchal dynamic systems which finally led to three "Roads to consciousness: Crucial steps in mental development." Journal of Consciousness Exploration & Research. May 2017, Vol. 8 (5), 303-353.

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