Das Gehirn und sein Ich (2001)

Of course, the title of this book paraphrases Eccles' and Popper's "Das Ich und sein Gehirn". As the subtitle explains it is about the evolution and construction of consciousness.


Here's an update in English: "Roads to consciousness: Crucial steps in mental development." Journal of Consciousness Exploration & Research. May 2017, Vol. 8 (5), 303-353.


Road 1: Biology & Psychology (pp. 301-315). Road 2: Information Processing & Engineering (pp. 316-334). Road 3: Dynamic recursive systems & abstract Principles (pp. 335-353)

My contributions emphasize some concept/model of 'self.' Here is a recent contribution on this matter: Kwiatkowski, R; and H. Lipson (2019). 'Task-agnostic self-modeling machines.' Sci. Robot. 4, eaau9354.


The last sentence of the latter article says: "We conjecture that this separation of self and task may have also been the evolutionary origin of self-awareness in humans."

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