My Articles

Most of them are in English. However, some of them were written in German.

My most recent contributions are on randomization (2015), published in PLOS ONE (compact version, peer reviewed):


and about "roads to consciousness" (2017), published in the Journal of Consciousness Exploration & Research:

Applied Statistics

Although the concepts of information and probability are prevalent in statistics, the better part of statistics can also be understood in terms of signal and noise.


are well known in the Middle East, where I did a part of my Ph.D. thesis in the 1990s.

However, probability theory rather been interested in so-called "prophet inequalities", and I published a series of articles on this topic.

Random Ball (2004)

Information about an article that was published in an Indian journal. Not only for mathematicians.

Consciousness et al.

This train of thought started when I was a student of psychology. Later I wrote a book and two articles about it.


I have decided to protect the Daily English and Weekly English pages with a password after all. If you want to read on, please contact me. 





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